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Send SMS Internet

Send SMS Internet

What does this Web offer?

SMSPC.NET offers bulk SMSs from the Internet which are also known as SMS Push.

With this service, you can send in just one operation as many messages as you wish.

SMSPC.NET is a complete communication tool both internally and externally the is quick, comfortable, simple, and safe.


How to send the SMS

First you must register to be able to send SMS messages from our system. Once you create an account in our system, please go to the Send SMS tab and fill in the fields and click Send.

The system will confirm the sending data as well as the number of SMSs that you will send, what telephone numbers and how much credit will be required to send those messages.

If you have enough credit, simply click Send, this will confirm your request and your contacts will receive the messages.


How long does it take to activate the SMS service?

Once the registration form is filled in, the activation is immediate and, from your account you can start to create your phonebook, program future messages, consult the prices for these messages, all this without the need to obtain credits.

If you buy credits with a credit card, these are automatically added to your account and you can start to send SMSs in a quick and simple way.

If you want to make a payment via a bank transaction, the credits will be available on the account in approximately 48 hours.


Can I personalize the sender?

The sender is the telephone number or the name with which your contacts will receive the SMS. You can personalize the sender as you wish and the system will store the numbers or names you have chosen. You can add new senders as and when you wish.

How many messages can I send at the same time?

You can send as many SMSs as you like at one time, but each sending is limited to just one country. So, our system is ideal to send bulk SMSs for every type of professional communications.


What does the sending programming involve?

The programmed sending allows you to organize your messages, that is, you will be able to program the time and date you wish to send the SMSs.
You can both manage your sendings and cancel them should you change your mindbefore the programmed date.The unsent SMS's can be visualized from the table of programmed sendings


Can I send messages abroad?

Yes of course, our system allows messages to be sent to more than 230 countries. You can consult the number of Credits required for each sending at the Buy section using the Price Simulator.

To send the SMSs to mobile telephones of a chosen country, simply select the country from the list in the Send SMS section. The telephone numbers can be introduced either with or without the international prefix codes; our system is able to detect telephone numbers with missing international prefix codes and adjust accordingly, so you do not have to worry about anything.

How does the Price Simulator work?

The Price Simulator is a tool which helps you calculate the required Credit for a certain SMS to a particular country. The number of required Credits to send SMS messages may vary according to the country, and the Price Simulator offers you this information in a clear and intuitive way.

PFirst, introduce the number of SMS's you wish to send, next select the desired country. Finally press Calculate. The system will inform you about the required credits needed to be able to send the message, it will also tell you the cost of each SMS both in credit and in Money, finally it will display the total cost with and without VAT (Value Added Tax).

Please take into account that the more messages you send, the cheaper it will be.

How long will it take to receive the sent message?

The message reception time is instant, but delays could occur in cases of oversaturation in the operators network. Bulk SMSs are individually sent at high speeds, of 10 SMSs per second, so when sending to many telephone numbers, there can be a slight delay between the first and last message. SMSPC.NET is not responsible for the inconveniences caused by these delays as its beyond the system.

What are the advantages of this system?

One of the advantages of sending SMSs through the Internet is the price, being much cheaper than through a mobile. But apart from being one of the cheapest on the market, our service also provides a number of tools which allow communication to be clear, simple, quick and reliable.

How does the contact list work?

The Contact list is like a phonebook: a system where you can store all your contact numbers.

For better organization, through our Contact list, all contacts will be displayed alphabetically, making it easy to Search contacts.

You can search contacts in your Contact list controlling the samplingalphabetically

The contacts can be edited ordeleteddirectly from the Phonebook.

If you already have phone numbers in a file, you can upload it directly using the Add contact function from the Import File key. The file must be a tab or CSV file.

What are the groups in the contact list useful for?

If you create contact groups and assign a name to each of them it will be much faster to send messages, you can then simply chose the name of a group and the messages will be sent to all contacts belonging to that group.

Remember that you will always have the opportunity to edit the contacts and the groups as and when you wish before sending the SMS.

How does the Credits system work?

Because the price of a SMS is different in each country, in youll have to buy Credits instead of SMSs, also, the number of required credits to send SMS can vary for each country (please consult the Prices Simulator). With these Credits you will be able to send messages to both national and international destination.

How are the Credits purchased?

To acquire credits, please go to the Buy tab. In this section, there is a price table of the available credit packages; you can calculate how many credits are required to purchase the amount of SMS you wish to send.

When you have decided which credit package is most suitable to your needs, you simply insert the amount wanted and click on the Validate button. The payment will be made through a safe payment, so if you dont have this service activated, please consult you bank. 18 (VAT) must be added by law to purchase prices.

Should you wish you can also purchase through a bank transfer.

Can I ask for a purchase invoice?

If you would like to receive an invoice, send an e-mail toa or with the following data:

What does the SMS Gateway service consist of?

Its a direct connection that allows you to send bulk SMSs to Mobiles from your website through our SMS platform. In this way, the SMS are sent from your own system but using our connection and gateway with all the advantages this entails. All SMSs feature personalized sender and a guaranteed route. The connection can be made through HTTP and SMPP. Please contact us for more information.

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